Light Up Your Next Show

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Starbucks and Spotify partner up

Seattle — Starbucks Coffee Company and Spotify are partnering to combine their services for Starbucks’ Gold Card reward members. Spotify will be integrated with the Starbucks app, allowing Gold Card members to earn “Stars for Cash” for purchasing Spotify Premium. The goal is to create a link through the Starbucks app connecting the 10 million rewards members to the 60 million global Spotify users.

Reward card members will have the ability to influence in store playlists using the Starbucks app on their phones. Currently, store playlists are predetermined and Starbucks employees can choose between the different playlists.

According to Starbucks this type of unity between the two organizations could be a step into integrating technological influences in the music we all share.

Henry Yarsinske Jr., a local volunteer on air host for 90.7 KSER, uses Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service, to find new bands and build his playlists weekly. While Yarsinske Jr. does occasionally get coffee at his local Starbucks, he does not believe this partnership is enough to motivate him to switch to Spotify or work toward a Gold Card.

“Apple Music is convenient because it’s easier for me to use,” said Yarsinske, “I have an Apple Watch, an Apple computer and an iPhone, and it integrates better between them.”

The convenience is not as much of a factor for some people. Rebecca Boehm, a Starbucks Gold Card Member since 2010, prefers to use Pandora for her music streaming. Boehm frequents Starbucks for her coffee fix and is very passionate about using her rewards for a free cup.

“$9.99 a month is too much when I can use streaming for free,” said Boehm.

The idea of getting “stars for cash” for purchasing premium may have peaked her interest in the beginning, but she prefers to use the free streaming.

As a byproduct of the unity of Starbucks and Spotify, Starbucks employees are now able to get access to Spotify Partners, a version of Spotify Premium, for free.

“I used to stream Pandora before the release of Spotify Partners,” said Starbucks barista Wendy Hughes. “I listen to Spotify every day now on my cell phone.”

Spotify is now giving all 150,000 U.S. based Starbucks employees the ability to access the premium account at no cost. This is a way of getting the baristas in on the current music

While some people out there do not feel the perks are enough to motivate them to take advantage of the new partnership, others out there like Hughes are able to benefit from it to their fullest extent.

Break Your Sound Tech Out Of Their Box

The connection between the band and the ability to mix sound has always been separated by the distance to the sound box. This leaves the sound technician sitting in the back of the room away from all the action just to be close to the mixer.

To end the loneliness of the sound technician Mackie has come out with the DL32R. This new Mixer is a wireless 32-channel sound board controlled entirely from an IOS device. With a built in Wi-Fi router and the custom app Master Fader users can link with the DL32R.

Mitchell Gardner a local sound technician who has had experience with other wireless mixers is worried about the connectivity with the IOS device.

“If I even miss a few seconds I could miss my que and compromise the performance,” said Gardner.

A missed que is a nightmare for sound technicians like Gardner, and for him that’s when people notice him the most but not in a positive way. With a built in router that can support up to 10 IOS devices at the same time, even if the DL32R drops a connection with one device if the second device is ready to go the switch could be seamless.

“I would be most excited to not have to have a cord running to the back of the venue,” said Gardner when asked what he is most excited for.

With a wireless mixer the sound technician is now free to break out of his box and move about while mixing sound from anywhere he wants. While having the capability to move about the venue the DL32R eliminates the need for and expensive piece of equipment called the “snake”.

The “snake” is a cable that runs from the stage to the sound bored acting as chain preventing the sound technician from moving about.

Managing Partner for Wilder2 Marketing Partners and recreational musician Mark Wilder is also most excited for the ability to be mobile.

“With iPad control, the sound engineer can move to any location in the venue and make adjustments in real time,” Said Wilder. “The benefit is better sound on stage for the performers and better sound for the audience listening to the show.”

Having the ability to have to connect multiple devices to the DL32R mixed with its go anywhere ability to mix, each band member can adjust their own sound from the stage. This frees up the sound technician even more to work on the whole sound rather than interruptions from individual musicians to adjust something for them.

According to Wilder mixing the ability to adjust sound individually and having multi-track recording and playback is what sets the DL32R apart from other wireless mixers, along with many other features.

“Individual control over the mix as you perform from your device, better sounding mixes for the audience and being able to easily record the performance directly on the DL32R would all be very useful and exciting aspect to the product,” Said Wilder.

The Mackie DL32R is set out to free the sound technician breaking them out of their box, and offer up new abilities for the band as a whole.